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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".

Health Management

LG Display strives to create the healthy and comfortable workplace.

Health Improvement Program

LG Display conducts various programs to improve the health of its employees.It provides the annual medical examination including the customized thorough checkup for the employees 35 years or older and operates the in-house hospital and health center to provide various medical services. LG Display operates the milking room for the health of pregnant female employees and classes for expecting parents.

The company conducts the health lectures to provide the health information and improve the awareness of health operates the physical fitness test room to evaluate the muscular strength, agility, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. The medical staff and fitness trainers provide the counseling on exercise and health to reduce the abnormal findings. LG Display conducts the proactive prevention and management programs based on the response scenario of new diseases to prevent it propagation and protect the employee health.

As the result of such efforts for health of its employees, LG Display received the Certificate of Outstanding Business for Health Improvement Programs by KOSHA.

Comfortable Working Environment

LG Display contracts third parties to measure the harmful elements in working environment twice each year and measures the office air quality each year to ensure that its employees can work in the comfortable environments.

LG Display carries out various programs such as program to prevent the muscular skeletal disease, which is the recent issue; management of employees working at high temperature and in-house inspection of local ventilation system so that all employees work in the comfortable working environment.

Physical Fitness Test Room

Physical Fitness Test Room

Working Environment Measurement

Working Environment Measurement

Product Technology

LG Display

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